Example of a Boy recruited onto an Indiaman

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Source: National Maritime Museum: MSY/R/1 - Alphabetical Index to Registers of apprentices sent to Merchant Ships 1769-1772


For the entry below...


644; James Price; p.65; The Grosvenor


N.B. As per the N.M.M. catalogue, this is the incorrect index! This mix-up has been reported to the manuscripts department for their investigation and hopefully, re-cataloguing.



Source: NMM: MSY/Q/1 - Registers of apprentices sent to Merchant Ships 3rd July 1772- 3rd July 1778


These registers are compiled chronologically and by number (hopefully) found within the external indexes


The only example found in this, the earliest volume, was for 1777:-




Entry No.



If an Orphan O

If a Parish Boy P

James Price

Age if computed





4 7

To what Parish belongs

If by birth b

If by any other claim what

where and with whom living

F Cutler

Saffron Hill

How hath been usually employed

Appment discharged by his Master see 985

When appeared before the Committee

If has had the Small Pox P

If only supposed to have had it S

Novr 20

When indentured

If has been inoculated by order of the Committee I

Novr 21

Master to whom bound...

His Name


Jno Mountford

Port to which belongs

By whom recommended, or to whom known

Where to be found


Ship's name

If a Ship of War W


In what Trade or employment

East Indiaman

Conditions of Indenture or Contract

Time to serve. Years Y


5 years

Apprentice Fee paid down

Do payable after one year


Second Apprentice Fee after one year

When paid

If by an order or Draft O


When received information from the Master, Viz

If the boy is afsigned over to another a

If run away r

If dead d

If notice is received by Letter, No. of the Letter





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