Contemporaneous Maritime Analysis

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British Maritime History...


Background to researching mariners



Mercantile & Naval


The British Merchant Service, Fishing Fleets c.1835 - c.1972 with reference to Seagoing Naval Reserves

The Royal Navy from c.1690 to c.1923

with reference to Naval Reserves




The British in India

The ‘Honourable’ East India Company

1600 -1834

The Indian Marine through to the Royal Indian Navy, R.I.N.R. and R.I.N.V.R. c.1613 to 1947



Academic Papers and Publications

Academic papers on the Royal Navy

- primarily in relation to the World Wars 1793-1815 and 1914-1919

Privately published monographs resulting from my main personal research into the British Merchant Service and Royal Naval Reserve during the Great War 1914-1919




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