Examples of Various Listings relating to H.E.I.C. Officers’ and Petty Officers’ Service



Source: BL:IOR: L/MAR/C/651 - Register of Commanders in the Company’s Service 1737-1832 - with dates of resignation or death


This has an alphabetical index at the front, but it is significantly damaged, so that many entries are incomplete. It may, or may not be complete






1777 October 8

Peter Douglas

Resigd 16 October 1793





Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/667 - List of Commanders, Officers and Other Ranks down to Carpenters in the Company’s Service August 1828-34, with age, service, dates of discharge etc.


Not at all simple to use, this is in a tabular form, showing names; date of birth or baptism; number of voyages (various, such as when commanders also served as mate); when entered; when discharged; and total service in years

These are in two separate listings - ‘Company’s Own’ and ‘Under Contract’

Interestingly, these begin with commanders and masters. Next are chief mates, where age and number of voyages are shown and so on down to sixth mates. Then there are midshipmen, surgeons, surgeons’ mates, pursers, boatswains, gunners & carpenters.

Also, there are some Poplar Fund records within this volume relating to the registers to applications for Maritime Compensation 1834 to 1836

Although alphabetically indexed, unfortunately this does not seem to tally with the main body. There are only snippets of various records, but one ‘series’ of eleven pages has seemingly excellent genealogical information giving details of marriages and children. So, it may be worth trawling through these if there are individual officers in this position. There are also eight pages showing the deaths of officers and sometimes admissions to compensation of widows covering 1834 to 1857




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