Examples of Documents relating to the H.E.I.C.’s Poplar Fund




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/785 - Register of Applications for Pensions 1-1936B for 1809 to 1821 (marked as volume II)


Alphabetically indexed at front, giving page and entry number.


Example (also see below):-




No. on the List


Date of Admission


Applicants Names

Daniel Bland







Died or killed


Servitude (in years, months and days)

5 8 8

Hurt Wound or Infirmity


Under what article




Not Entitled




For what Term granted

One year (from) 11 Jany (1815)

Amount per annm

£5 8s




* Entry blank, although the last noted was 3rd June 1814 further up the page.





Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/795 - Petitions for pensions from former officers and seamen, the widows and orphans of former seamen, with accounts of time of service, marriage certificates, medical certificates, certificates of birth or baptism and of burial list of names - numbers 700-800


Paperwork for Number 754 (continued from example above)...


To the

Honble Court of Directors

of the United East India Compy

the Humble Petition of Daniel Bland

Aged 43 years



                     That your Petitioner has

          served your Honrs Four Voyages the

          last as Armourer of the Tottenham and

          is at present, incapable of doing his duty

          at sea in consequence of a hurt he got

          on the left Knee joint on board that

          Ship your Petitioner being in great distrefs

          must humbly pray your Honrs will

          take his case into consideration and grant

          him such relief as to your Honrs shall

          seem meet and your Petitioner shall as in

                     Duty Bound

                                        Ever Pray

Ya Y Y


19th Augst 1814’



                   To John Monroe Esq

                     East India House



           I have examined Danl Bland

late Armourer in the Honble Company’s Service

and do certify that he is afflicted with pain

and a partial Contraction of the left Knee

Joint which Complaint render him unfit

for another voyage to India this Year -

                    I remain with great Respect

                     Your obt humble Servt

                               I Procter


120 Leadenhall St

Augt 10 1814’



. ‘THIS is to certify, That Danl Bland

...................................................................................................late a

Armourer................. ---- .............in the Service of the United East-India

Company, is an Inhabitant of this Parish, is a sober, honest, industrious

Man and worthy of the Honourable Company’s Charity; and; to the best

of our Knowledge and Belief, has not the means of decent Maintenance


Dated in the Parish of Bow


19 of Oct 1814



Ch Chambers



?H Youngers



} Churchwardens.

John Gadden




The covering sheet gave his name; age; number of voyages; pension given (£8 8s 5d) and that this had been allowed on the 1st and 3rd clauses.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/786 - Poplar Pensioners. Register of Applications, with particulars Nos. 1937 to 3559, and list of all pensions with particulars (1822 to 1834)


These volumes are neatly alphabetically indexed at the front giving page number where applicable and also number(s). Actual entries give good info.




Index - Michod, Mary; p.3; 1981; 1




No. on the List:


Date of Application:

May 1822

Names of Applicants:

Mrs. Mary Michod



For whose Services




Station last held in the Service:


Died or Killed:





2nd Mates Widow


Died in the house allowed him at Poplar

No. of Voyages:


Time Serviced (in Years, months and days):

8 11 12

Hurt, Wound, or Infirmity:


Under which clause




Not Entitled:



9 new

For what time granted:

Life, Mar 1822

Annual amount of Pension:



Husband had £60 a Year for his life - on reference to precedent 31 July 1821. Mrs. M alld new Scales to continue in house at Poplar





Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/809 - Pensions with certificates and other documents attached for Pensions, Compensation, &c. - 1822


Example (continued):-


No. 1981               Mrs. Mary Michod


There are eleven sheets in this case. These cover hand-written letters and forms and contain a great deal of personal, social and genealogical info. Although badly faded and not the easiest of hands to read in places, the letters are well worth persevering with as they show the perilous and distressing position Mrs. Michod was in.




Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/787 - Registers of Applications - 1822-1834


This volume, compiled chronologically is also another way of finding application numbers and gives similar information to that in L/MAR/C/786.



Mrs. Mary Michod.... 1981




Second Mate’s Widow

No. of Voyages


Time of Service (in years, months and days)

8 11 12

Cause of Application


For whom applying


Relief granted before

Not any herself but her Husband had a Pension of £60 per annm

Clauses applicable to the Petitioner’s case

9th new

When Married

3 Feb 1800

Date of Husband’s Burial

20 May 1822

No. of Children on Reporting

1 daughter

No property

Entered the Service


Ceased to be employed








Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/788 - List of Pensions on the Poplar Fund on the 4th April 1821


This single volume is compiled roughly alphabetically and chronologically, making it simple to use.






Time of Admifsion

Amount Pension

Marshall Hannah

Chief Mate

8th Apr 1823

44.. --

Mayor Susannah


7th May 1823

.8... --





Source: BL: IOR: L/MAR/C/667 - Miscellaneous information relating to the Poplar Fund within the List of Commanders, Officers and Other Ranks down to Carpenters in the Company’s Service August 1828-34, with age, service, dates of discharge etc.


Registers to applications for Maritime Compensation 1834 to 1836


Alphabetical Index, but unfortunately this does not seem to tally with the subsequent records. There are only snippets of various records, but one ‘series’ of eleven pages has seemingly excellent genealogical information giving details of marriages and children - so it may be worth trawling through these if there are individual officers in this position. There are also eight pages showing the deaths of officers and sometimes admissions to compensation of widows covering 1834 to 1857



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